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Parents often worry about where their children might be. What if they were kidnapped? What if they are at a known drug location? What if they left home in the middle of the night? With the SafeAtHome mobile app, child monitoring is made easier!

SafeAtHome to the rescue!

With our mobile app, parents can save locations on their child's device for which they want to receive notifications upon exit or entry. Available on the iOS app store.

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Our competitors want to charge anywhere between $5.99 to $11.99 per month, regardless of how many children you have. We only charge $0.99 per child per month. Sounds reasonable, right?

Real-Time Location Monitoring

The SafeAtHome app is continually being updated to provide you with the best parental app at your fingertips! The latest update includes real-time location monitoring. 

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SafeAtHome is proud to introduce the SOS button. In a dangerous situation, your child may not have enough time to send a quick text or call. All the child has to do is open the SafeAtHome app and press the SOS button. An alert is sent to the parent with the GPS coordinates from where the alert was sent.

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About The App



The SafeAtHome app provide's parent's with peace of mind by allowing them to save regions, known as geofences, on their child's device for which they want to receive a notification upon entry or exit.  Parents can find locations by either zooming in on their current location, or entering an address in the search bar. Parents can view their children, names of saved locations, and edit the time frames for which they want to receive a notification from the parent profile. The child profile consists of a map with saved locations annotated. Adding or deleting a region, and logging out requires the parent password. Parents should take additional steps by following Apple's guidelines for adding parental controls that prevent their child from deleting the app or turning location services off. 

Possible Uses

• Set regions at known drug locations to alert the parent if their child enters them.

• Set a pin at home to get notified if your child sneaks out in the middle of the night.

• Set pins on the houses of registered sex offenders.

• Set a pin on your child's school so you know they are there when they are supposed to be.

The possibilities are endless...

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