Your Safety Is Important To Us

Lethaon, Inc has developed the #SOSproject to add a layer of protection to everyone with a mobile device. Spread awareness on social media with #SOSproject.

Why You Need This App

So, what is the #SOSproject?

The #SOSproject is an alert system that, once it is set up, only requires the user to open the app for an automatic alert containing the user's gps coordinates to be sent to their pre specified recipient. 

How Do I Get The App?

You see the button down there below "Get It Now"? Go on...Click It!

Don't forget to spread awareness with #SOSproject.

How Do I Set It Up?

The recipient of the alert will need to download the app first. They will then press the "PhoneID" button to get the ID specific to their phone. They will copy the ID with the "COPY" button and then paste it in a text to you. Paste the ID in first block and type your name in the second block. Press "Continue" and you are all set!

Why Is This App Necessary?

This app can be used by anyone for any reason. If a loved one becomes disoriented for any reason, they can alert you with their gps location. If a loved one is being abducted, they can send you an SOS alert with the touch of a button. #SOSproject wants to create time when there typically isn't any.

Finally, It's Free!

Thats right! It's %100 free! Just download it on your device and on the person's device to where you want your SOS alert to be sent.

Get it now!

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